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Top Hotels of Nainital

 Nainital is the city of Uttarakhand and it is the Himalayan resort town of Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. It is the famous hill station of Uttarakhand and the most tourist visited place in India. It is situated at an elevation of 1,938 meters and it is commonly known as the  "lake district of India". Nainital is the place where the "Sati Mata lost her eyes" and carried by Shiva and after that shiva,  a lake was formed. The meaning of Nainital is Naina means "eyes" and Tal means "Lake". Many places to visit in Nainital. Nainital Tourism - "The City of Lakes" or "lake district of India".

The Naini Retreat by Leisure Hotels

The Naini Retreat Hotel is Wrapped in the quiet Himalayas and Nainital is one of India's most famous hill stations. The Naini Retreat is the best hotel in Nainital. It has a majestic building and an Old World Charm and the modern luxuries view of this hotel looks awesome. This hotel is furnished with all the modern-day amenities. They also provide free Wi-Fi, a game room, Bar/lounge, Evening entertainment, and they also provide free shuttle or taxi services.

Sterling Nainital

Sterling hotel is located in the invigorating surroundings of Nainital. Sterling hotel is the ideal place to enjoy the natural beauty and comfort. The hotel is also provided with spectacular rooms, multi-cuisine options, and it is an assortment of entertainment activities. Sterling Nainital is the perfect hotel to experience the best view of the lake.

Shervani Hilltop

Shervani Hilltop Hotel is  One of the best luxury boutique hotels & resorts in Nainital. Shervani Hilltop is located 1km away from Nainital Lake. They also provide Free Wi-Fi, Breakfast, fitness center/ gym, evening entertainment, and Dinner. You can also see the mountain view from the hotel. They also provide VIP room facilities.