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Popular Cities to Visit in Canada

Canada is an independent country and situated in the northern part of North America. It is divided into three territories made up of ten provinces. It is one of the safest places and most visited places in the world.  The land of Canada is the "Queen Elizabeth 2nd" and the spoken language in Canada is French and English. Canada Has its own legislature and provincial government. It is the second-largest country according to the area in the world.

Popular Cities to Visit in Canada

1. Toronto

Toronto is the capital city in Canada and you can find here the world-famous theatre, shopping, and restaurant here. Many attractive and famous places also there to visit, it has the world-famous CN Tower,  just offshore and  Toronto Islands.

2. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a Canadian city and the famous waterfall and many places to visit in Niagara Falls. The same name of American waterfall is Niagara Falls. It is a very beautiful waterfall in Canada, many tourists visited to see the waterfall.

3. Ottawa

Ottawa is the capital city of Canada and it is near the city of Montreal. It is the nation's capital and the fourth largest region of Canada. Ottawa has also its central Parliament Hill, museums, and other Canadian art. 

4. Victoria

Victoria is the capital of British Columbia and it is also the capital city of Canada. It is located on Vancouver Island. It is the best place to visit for a weekend or a month. It shows ancient architecture and the past. 

5. Montreal

Montreal is the largest city in Canada and it is the second-most populous city of Canada. English is the most common language of Montreal city and Canada. It is the most visited place to visit by tourists and the largest place. Montreal is near the city of "Ottawa".