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Best Shopping Places in Chennai


Chennai is situated in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. and it is formerly known as Madras. Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu and in the southern part of India. Chennai is dynamic as it is immersed in tradition. Chennai is the four metropolitan siblings of India and has a rich cultural history. Chennai is worth visiting for its temples, British-era museums and monuments, culinary delights, and The second largest urban beach in the world marina Beach is located in Chennai. 

Best Places for Shopping in Chennai:

These shopping places are the best place to buy anything here you mostly find out the south Indian food.

1. Thyagaraya Nagar (T. Nagar) 

 Thyagaraya Nagar is one of the largest shopping markets (in terms of revenue). It is a famous hub for shopping in the city. There are many retailers of sarees and jewelry. It is a very busy and crowded place in Chennai. There is a scope for bargaining, especially if you know how to converse in Tamil (helps in negotiation). Here, you find the big discounts and price reductions in the festive season. Here, The raw mangoes served by vendors at the roadside. 

2. George Town 

George Town is also the most crowded market for shopping in Chennai. This market is mainly known for selling beautiful and soft mulberry silk and the famous for Kanchipuram sarees. Here, you can also buy toys, perfumes, electronic goods, traditional handicrafts, clothes, bags, shoes, junk accessories, mobile accessories,  jewelry, fabric, readymade garments, stationery items, gift items,  and many other products. The price of products in the George Town market is reasonable and it is one of the best places for shopping in Chennai.

3. Pondy Bazaar

 Pondy Bazaar is known to be the 'Mecca' of shopping in Chennai. This is also a very famous commercial hub, and it is one of the busiest markets in the city. No matter how long your shopping list is, here you get every single item in this market. Here, you can also buy toys, clothes, shoes to perfumes, electronics, music, jewelry, household appliances, and movie DVDs. Here, you also buy the big brands products that have established their stores in Pondy Bazar.

I hope you enjoy the beauty of Chennai and enjoy the best days here.

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