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Top Places to Visit in Bangkok


Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and the luxurious city of Thailand. Bangkok is the city that never sleeps. Bangkok is a rich history of Thailand and the most visiting place of tourists. Bangkok is a place where the lights never off and the view of the lighting of Bangkok is very awesome. The attractive lights and the natural beauty of Bangkok attract tourists to visit it. 

Grand Palace

Grand Palace is located in Bangkok and the Grand Palace is a beautiful place in Bangkok. The structure of the Palace in a rectangular shape. The cost of visiting the Grand Palace 500 Bhat for Foreigners. If Bangkok is your first Asian city to visit, then you are love to see the beauty of Bangkok and the Grand Palace. 

Wat Arun

Wat Arun is a rich past history of worship and the also known as the "Temple of Dawn". Wat Arun is the 82m high rahng(Khmer style tower). The structure of Wat Arun was completed by Ram 2nd and after that completed by Rama 3rd during the half of the 19th century. Wat Arun is the eye-catching feature of the depiction of Prince Siddhartha.

Chatuchak Market

Chatuchak Market is the king of Bangkok. Chatuchak market is spread over 35 acres more than 8,000 more stalls. It has been open since 1942, but the name changed in 1987. Chatuchak Market name put the name on the park right here. It is the world's largest outdoor market in the world.