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Top 5 Shopping Places of Kutch

Kutch is the largest district in India. Kutch is the district of Gujarat. Kutch is one of the beautiful places in Gujarat, many beautiful places also there. Kutch is a tourist attraction place and the natural beauty of kutch is mesmerizing. It is mainly known for its handicrafts and Bandhani Sarees.


Khavda is located in Kutch, and it is famous for its 
Ajrakh prints and clay pottery. Ajrak is a traditional way of using vegetables, madder, and indigo, which resists block printing on cloth.


Bhujodi is the popular craft center within the area and it is at a distance of a quarter-hour from the town of Bhuj. The nearby villages displayed in traditionally designed shops. Bhujodi is the best place to enjoys souvenir shopping. You also shop their 
cloth pieces, footwear, bags,  and other small bric-a-bracs. This place is the best place for shopping in Kutch and to gift these items to your loved ones. Traditional embroidery spread the sorts of clothes like sarees, dress materials, shawls, kurtas, etc. 


Nirona is the most famous place in Kutch and it is 40km from Bhuj. Nirona is the home of 
Copper Bell Art, Lacquer Print, and Rogan Art. It’s a small village with secure road connectivity. Once here, park your vehicle at the village entry and you can walk around to satisfy the talented craftsmen in their homes, where you’ll watch them hard at work, creating one masterpiece after another. 


Hodka is a famous village of Kutch and it is 64 km from Bhuj. This place is famous for its silver jewelry along with other beautiful and amazing crafts such as lamps, wall hangings, mirrors, etc. The products of this village are mainly made by local artisans, it is also known as "Bhungas", and they sell all these products directly. They have a unique talent and they made with mud, and then they decorate in their right and style with mirrors and paint. If you are a shopping freaky, these items are going to make you attractive, and you can adorn your house with these beautiful intricate designs from the region.


Ludiya is another village of Kutch and it is about 70km from Bhuj. Here also live their talented villagers, The main occupation of this village is to make unique and beautiful embroidery work and traditional crafts while the lads make decorative furniture. You can also buy from here architectural marble and handmade crafts.

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