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Places to Visit in Kutch

  Kutch is the district of Gujarat. Kutch festival is the great festival of Gujarat and Kutch festival is organized during December or on the day of Maha Shivratri. It is famous for the Kutch Festival and for the White Desert. Kutch is the largest district in India. It is the oldest Hindu dynasty in India, for hundreds of years. when India became Republic after that kutch was the Hindu dynasty. 

Rann of Kutch

Rann of Kutch is located in the district of Kutch and it is a large area of salt marshland. It is divided into two parts Great Rann and Little Rann. It is very famous for its natural beauty and many movies shoot they're such as Refugee, Ram Leela, Magadheera, Sarainodu, etc. The meaning of the word Rann in Hindi is "desert". It is also famous for the Booker prize Novel. 

 Kutch Desert Wildlife Sanctuary

Kutch Desert is 100 km away from Bhuj. This is the largest wildlife sanctuary and a vast expanse of about 7505.22 sq. km. It is colloquially known as the "Flamingo City" and submerged 5000-year-old Harappan civilization of Dholavira. The entry fee is for Indian- Rs.250, and for Foreigner is 1500. 


Dholavira has situated in the district of Kutch and It is an archaeological site in Khadirbet of Kutch Gujarat, it is also locally known as "Kotada Timba". 

Kutch Museum

Kutch Museum is the oldest museum of Gujarat and boasts a collection of Kuchi script, ancient coins. Many precious and beautiful paintings, arms, musical instruments, sculptures, and many other precious things store them.


Anjar is situated and the town of Kutch. Over the 1,400 years of history, it is known as the "Old Town of Kutch". It is also known for Gher and Dabeli. There are many ancient temples in Anjar such as Madhavrai Temple, Mohanrai Temple, and Amba Mata's temple and the most famous is Jesal Toral Samadhi.