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Best Things to Buy in Kerala

  Kerala is the state of south India on the Malabar coast. Kerala lies on the border of Karnataka to the north and northeast, Lakshadeep sea to the west, and Tamil Nadu to the east and the south. It is the thirteenth-largest state in the population. The official language of the state is Malayalam and the most widely spoken language of Kerala. The neighboring states of Kerala are Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh. Kerala is the most visiting place for tourists. tourists also like the beauty of Kerala and most visitors like the ghats and the beaches of Kerala.  


The spices of Kerala, nothing beats in its variety & quality of spices and the expansive spice plantations. Here you find the fresh black pepper, cloves, turmeric, cardamom, star anise, or 
cinnamon, the richness & aroma of these spices is something to die for. If you are shopping in Kerala for spices, it is the best place to buy spices. The shops in Kumily (near Thekkady) and Fort Kochi.

Tea and Coffee

Tea and coffee is a famous and important part of shopping in Kerala. Tea and Coffee of Kerala are famous all over the world to provide the best quality of tea and coffee. 
The Nilgiri Tea is grown in various parts of Kerala and Kerala Kapi & Monsooned Malabar Coffee is rich in aroma, taste, and color. These can easily be obtained from local shops or certified shops.

Kasava Mundu & Dresses

Kasava Mundu is a famous dress of cotton, which is worn mostly in the traditions of Kerala. It is the traditional textile of Kerala. It is a pure handmade cotton cloth with a typical zari border. Though these are Malayalee custom dresses, nowadays people generally wear them during ceremonies, temple visits, and weddings. 
Some places where you easily find out these dresses of Kasavu Mundu: Kasavukada in Kochi, Kasavu Kada in Thiruvalla, Kasavu Kada in Kottayam.

Aroma Oils- Heal Your Body and Senses

Kerala is a place the best of the practices of Ayurveda science. Healing spa therapies, beauty treatments, and rejuvenating massages are popular in Kerala. Almost every resort has provide the individual spa centers. A wide range of essential aromatic oils needed for various therapeutic treatments is available in Kerala at the best competitive rates. These aromatic oils have a soothing effect on the body and mind. 


Jewelry is the most important part of a woman life and they also likes to wear the jewelry. To wear the Jewelry is reflects the tradition of Kerala. You also buy the best jewelry from here.