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Beautiful Destinations in Gujarat

 Beautiful Destinations in Gujarat

There are many beautiful destinations in India and many places which would make you happy while exploring them including Gujarat which is one of the largest State in India, It is also the most popular destination for tourist around the world, there are many places in Gujarat you should visit. here I have mentioned the Beautiful Destinations in Gujarat.

Gir National Park

Gir National is one of the most beautiful National parks in India, It is rich in flora and fauna, it is the only natural habitat of Asiatic lions, it is spread across 1412 sqr km of land. Gir is a home of some rare variety of species like hyenas, fish owls, Blackbucks, and many more. and this must be included in the list of Beautiful Destinations in Gujarat.

Somnath Temple

The next destination in my list of Beautiful Destinations in Gujarat is the most famous Temple, which comes in the 12 jyotirlingas of shiva is Somnath Temple, which is not just a religious site, the temple is one of the most beautiful places in Gujarat.


Kutch is another most beautiful destination in Gujarat which also rank in the list of Best places to visit in India, the shape of the island is resembles the shape of a tortoise ( which means kutchwa in Hindi), the sand of this place is which like salt and In the full moon, the desert shine bright like a diamond, which will relieve your mind.


The most famous name which comes in the category of Char Dham, Dwarka was the kingdom of Lord Krishna and also it was the first capital of Gujarat, Dwarkadheesh Temple, Nageshwar jyotirlinga, Gomti Ghat are the major Attractions of Dwarka. there is also a beach alongside the Temple of Dwarkadheesh Temple is a place you will find peace.