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Top Restaurant in Agra

Agra is the district of Uttar Pradesh. Most people don't know about Agra but they known about the Taj Mahal very well, Agra is a historical place and the Mughals were the emperor of Agra in ancient times. Agra is famous for his monuments as taj Mahal, Agra fort, Fateh Pur Sikri, and many more.  It is also famous for its history. Agra is the place where 2 to 4 million people come to see the beauty of the Taj Mahal every year.  Agra is the city of love and beauty. 

Top Restaurant  in Agra

Shankara vegies, Agra 

Shankara Vegies is famous for its tasty vegetarian thalis and rooftop sitting. This is one of the coziest restaurants in Agra. The guest can relax here and play many indoor games like chess and carrom.  We also see the best view of the Taj Mahal from here. Shankara Vegas is the best place to visit in Agra.

Joney's Place  Agra

Joney place serves  Indian food and journeys place dishes are tasty and prepared in front of you. It has a friendly vibe and holds a special place among the locals. Joney's customer has been delighting since 1978. Banana   Lassi is the most famous lassi of joney place. This restaurant is also a heaven for those people who want an early start to the day. 

Jahapanah, Agra  

Jahapanah treats its customer in regal fashion and offers the best Awadhi Cuisine. Jahapanah is famous for juicy and tender dishes that increase your taste. The most recommended dishes of Jahapanah is  Galawati kababs and Lucknow biryani.