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Top 5 Attractions of Mussoorie

Top 5 Attractions of Mussoorie

Mussoorie the queen of Hills, is itself a city of Attraction still there are many things in Mussoorie which attract the tourist, like hills, valleys, waterfalls, wildlife sanctuary and many other beautiful things which can attract anyone for Sure.

Kempty falls

The area is surrounded by mountain ranges, kempty falls are one of the major attraction of Mussoorie, It is situated at 1,364 m and it allows the people to enjoy the beauty of hills, and the melodious sound of the waterfall can be heard from too far, there are no fees to enter here, and it opens from 6am to 6pm. and it can be a place for a picnic.

Jharipani falls

If you are a nature lover you should visit here, it is located close to Mussoorie, it is 7 km away from the hill station of Bala Hisar route It is the most perfect place for trekking and a small picnic trip, it has a beautiful view, also there is no fee here for entry and the timing is same 6am to 6pm.

Mussoorie lake

there are many visiter and local people who love to have a picnic here, it one of the most beautiful lakes in Mussoorie and there is a lot to enjoy for children too. you can go for boating, you can have fast food here and you can click pictures for your memories. the place is open from 8am to 7pm. and a very little fee of 15 INR for each member.

Benog Wildlife Sanctuary

Benog Wildlife Sanctuary is an exclusive place for birdwatching and if you are a wildlife lover then Benog wildlife sanctuary is the must-visit tourist place in Mussoorie for you. and you can enjoy watching some rare floral and faunal species, it is located almost 11 km from Mussoorie.

Gun Hill

Gun Hill is one of another major attraction of Mussoorie here you can enjoy the cable car ride to see beautiful valleys and hill from the top, it is about 10 minutes ride which starts from Jhula Ghar to Gun Hill and the sunset view from the Cable car ride, if you visit here you will enjoy for sure. it opens from 10am to 6pm and the price for the ride is 60 INR.