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Top 3 Places to Travel in the World

 Top 3 Places to Travel in the World

The World is full of Travel Places and there are thousands of places which can be your destinations, many of us wants to travel in different places where our trip can be awesome and wonderful.
where you feel more relax and the beauty of place will remove your tension, here I am going to discuss about Best 3 places to travel in the world.

Bora Bora Island

I know you have listen this name earlier, if you are a fan of Shinchan, But this place really Exist on the Earth, Bora Bora Island is one of the most Visited Place of the world and this must be include in your world tour, Island is too much clean and have a well hygiene routine sea water is look like a glass, even we can see the surface and it the best place for under water photograpy.


Paris is the capital and the most popular city in France, and Effiel Tower is the most Popular place of paris, there are lots of people visit in paris every year, it is also considered as one of the romantic place of the world, it has always a unique attraction towards couples and photography lovers. There are many places you would love to visit.


London is the capital city of England It is one of the most beautiful place to Travel in the world, The Big Ben Clock and Natural History Museam are the popular places in London the whole City have a unique attraction towards tourism and it must be in Top 3 places to Travel in the world.
and it one of the most powerful,most visited and most desirable city of England.