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Things to Remember Before Visiting Vaishno Devi

 Things to Remember Before Visiting Vaishno Devi

Whenever a plan for a trip there are some important things we should remember before traveling like where to get yatra slip and a best or affordable hotel and many more things, let's start the discussion...

Best Time to Visit

Mata Vaishno Devi Temple is mostly open all season but in the season of Navratri the place is full of devotees the people visit here from different states of India and outside of India If you want some less gathering of people during a visit you should choose another season from Navratri.

Yatra Slip

Before starting the journey towards Vaishno Devi Temple you need to collect the Yatra slip is available on the bus stand of Katra and Railway station of Katra.
yatra slip is provided by the shrine board for devotees who are visiting to temple.
it will allow your yatra to the way of Mata Vaishno Devi Bhawan and provide an entry slip for Adikuwari and Bhawan.

Trekking to Temple

Before you visit Vaishno Devi you should be aware of the distance although there are palki, horse, and moles which are also available for those who aren't able to walk over high altitude, the total distance is about 12 km and it can be covered through trekking if you are able.

Fly in the sky

You also have an option to travel through the helicopter, which is available from Katra to Sanjichat but you need a pre-booking because of the high demand for the ride.


when you reach the Bhawan there are many free and rented facilities for the devotees like a cloakroom, bathing ghat rented, and free hotel and kambals.
when you visit the cave of Vaishno Devi you will see three pinds which symbolize maa kali, maa Lakshmi, and maa Saraswati and would have a great memorizing experience.