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Each and every person loves Shopping, whether its women or men everyone loves to buy things for themselves. Shopping is the most common things for every one when they go at any place either for weekend trip or family holiday.

Mussoorie has various places where you can go and buy things for your loved ones and relatives as a gift from Mussoorie. Mussoorie also has Best Restaurants and Best Hotels where you can come with your family, friends or loved ones to spend quality time with them.

1.      MALL ROAD

Mall Road is the main shopping centre in Mussoorie, most of the famous stores are located here. You can get woollen clothes, antiques and shawls for yourself and your loved ones. Bargaining is common here, so if you got good negotiation skills then you can get the best deals done with your things. You can buy anything from this market like electronic items, daily essentials etc.


The Cambridge Book Depot exists for a long time. It is a popular bookstore of Mussoorie, this place has the largest collection of novels, including those by Ruskin Bond, travel guides, periodicals and magazines. At this store, you can meet Ruskin Bond on Saturdays in the afternoon.


In this market you will find many shops and stalls run by local Tibetans, you can buy for a variety of winter clothes, shawls, Tibetan woodwork and prayer wheels. Footwear and Woven Carpets are the specialty of this market. Local Tibetans of Mussoorie are only allowed to run their shops and stalls in that market as outsiders are not allowed to run their stalls and shops in this market.


It is another popular shopping market in Mussoorie which is always crowded till 10 pm. It is located at the south end of the Mall Road, there are many shops selling clothing items and a few restaurants which provides mouth-watering food. There are also few vendors selling handicrafts at reasonable prices.


Ghandhi Chowk is also known as “Library Chowk”, this place is mostly popular for its street-side shops. In this market, you can find people selling local products, artefacts, Chinese vases and lot more things. There is a small shop that sells Tibetan mementoes that you can give gift to your loved ones.


It is an old market, you must visit here to feel and get an insight into Mussoorie’s past.  In this market, there are few shops that sell everyday essentials and antiques. You can also find few shops that sell shoes in this market. This market is especially popular for their Roman sandals.


This bazaar is also an old Bazar of Mussoorie; the two most popular stores in this market are Prakash Stores and the Landour Bakehouse. You will also find few stalls selling antiques and woollen clothes in this market.

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