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Golden Temple , Amritsar


Golden Temple is situated in Amritsar, India. Golden Temple is the central religious place of Sikhs and Hindus. The golden temple is the symbol of equality and human brotherhood. The golden temple also represents the glory and heritage of the Sikhs. The other name of the Golden temple is Harmandir sahib Or Darbar Sahib. The people called the golden temple is gurudwara. Golden temple is situated in Amritsar, Punjab, India. Golden Temple is an important hub of Sikh history and culture. Golden Temple founded in 1577 by Ram Das and opened in 1604. It is often referred to as a golden temple for its beautiful gold decoration.                            Golden Temple welcomes daily one lakh worshippers and serves the vegetarian food of all worshippers. They called the temple's food as guru the langar. Smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, eating meals is not allowed inside the temple.     In the Golden Temple is essential to barefoot and after that, you wash your feet in the small pond water and then cover your head with a  piece of cloth. In the Golden, the temple is essential to sit on the ground, it shows respect to Shri Guru Granth Sahab.    Vaisakhi is celebrated in the second week of April in the Golden Temple. Many people come to celebrate the Vaisakhi in the Golden Temple. Sikhs believed that the day of Vaisakhi was Khalsa founded. 


1.Lord Buddha Meditated at the Sacred Site.

Buddha declared that this site is an ideal meditation for saints and sadhus.

2.Construction Was Initiated by the Fifth Guru.

The Golden temple was built by Guru Nanak Sahab in the year 1518 and the golden temple took almost 8 years to complete.

3.Baba Deep Singh Died in the Golden Temple.

Baba Deep Singh was one of the most honourable martyrs in history. He fought his last breath for saving the Golden Temple. But at the last, his head separated from the body by his enemies.       

4. Open to all Religious Caste and Creed.

There are four entry gates of Golden Temple, they show that the temple is open for all religious and caste person.