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Best Places to Visit in Varanasi

 Best Places to Visit in Varanasi

If you really want to experience the spirituality of India, then you should visit Varanasi, It is one of the holiest places in India, The spiritual activities take place along with sacred Ganga River. Here are some places which you must visit in Varanasi.

Ganges River

The named after Hindus Goddess Ganga, the Ganges river is one of the most revered natural sites, it is considered to be the purest river among Hindus.
Hindus come from different places to purify themself in the holy Ganges river. the river provides a fixed position of orientation for navigating around the city. The blissful experience connects you more deeply with Hindus culture.

Dasaswamedh Ghat

The Atmosphere of Dasaswamedh ghat on the Ganges river makes it one of the best places to visit in Varanasi. this is one of the popular tourist attractions in Varanasi. you can spend many of your hours watching boat operators, flower sellers, and Sandu having face paint and many other things. and Hindu priests put on the Gangas Aarti at Dasaswamedh ghat daily about 7 pm.

Shri Kashi Vishwanath Temple

Every day about thousands of tourist and Hindu devotees are visit here, It is around 4 km away from the Varanasi railway station near Manikarnika Ghat and the impressive structure of the temple is dedicated to lord shiva it also has the nickname 'the golden temple' cause of having 800 kilograms of pure gold plated over it.